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31 July 2007

The whole purpose of this blog is for me to document my time in Navy Recruit Training Camp possibly more if I decide to keep updating. The idea came to me while trying to figure out how I'm going to write to all the people who wanted me to keep them updated on how I was doing.

As it was I had about 7 or 8 people who wanted me to write to them. I gladly would have, however I found out that my time to write home is limited. Writing 7 or 8 letters will not be easy. Unless of course they all say "Things are ok! Yours truly, Adam" but who wants a letter like that? So I decided I would keep a blog of the whole experience. Meaning I don't have to write 8 letters and people are still informed! Perfect idea right? Sort of, except for the tiny fact that there is no internet in bootcamp... surprise! However, My plan to remedy this predicament is I'm having one of my friends update my blog for me while I'm in boot camp. I will just write to him with a letter including what I want posted and he will type it up for me and post it, thus I can update my blog while in boot camp.

That's all for the moment. Thanks for stopping by to read, and if you want to know how Navy life is check back often!