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Navy Links I Found Useful

17 August 2007
On the side bar I have placed a list of links that during my time in the Delayed Entry Program I have found informative or handy somehow. So for anyone reading who is in the Navy, in DEP, considering joining, or just bored I have explained what each site is and why it has been useful:

  • -Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, IL
  • - This is the website for Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes Illinois, where every sailor starts out. This site has information on what the recruits will go through, and how they can do better while in RTC. As well as what to bring, what not to bring. It also has information for the families of recruits, such as how to contact in case of emergency, or how to write the address on letters to the recruit, and info on the graduation ceremony.

  • -Navy Recruiting Command - Delayed Entry Program
  • -This is a site full of information about the Navy. Specifically things recruits should know before boot camp. A Guide to the Delayed Entry Program, with the sailors creed, the 11 General Orders, Naval History and much more.

  • -Similar to the Delayed Entry Program website above, this site has info about things you should learn before going to boot camp. It has flash cards, and games, and puzzles to help memorize the Sailors Creed and the 11 General Orders. It has the actual DEP PQS guide to look through also. There are plenty of other things aside from just resources for new recruits. My favorite feature is the "Find a Go-To Shipmate in your Rate" I used that to email an MC who is already active duty, and ask him a few questions that only an MC would really know. Very helpful page!

  • -Navy Personel Command - For Enlisted
  • -I just found this site recently, it has information on the G.I. Bill, calculators for pay and compensation, and quite a few other things, many of which as a new recruit aren't helpful to me but I'm sure will be in the future.

  • - 10 Steps to Joining the Military
  • -I probably visited this article 10 times a day before I had made my decision that I was joining and what branch I would choose. Priceless information on what to expect, what to ask your recruiters, how to tell if the military is right for you, what each branch has to offer, and plenty other tips that help those unacquainted with military life learn what it's all about.

  • - Navy Discussion Board
  • -A discussion board for the Navy. I have found that if I have questions I go to this board, and use the search function to see if anyone else has already asked and been answered and if not, I go to the "Joining the Navy" section and I post my question and wait for responses. Sometimes there is no other way than to just ask someone. Has been very helpful during my time in DEP

  • -U.S. Navy Slang - Wikipedia
  • -I've heard that it is best to learn as much of the Navy slang as possible before you go. It will save you some trouble. Like if someone tells you to get them a can of bulkhead remover you will know that a bulkhead is a wall, and bulkhead remover doesn't exist. Also worth remembering is that there is no ID10T form(pronounced Eye-Dee-Ten-Tango, but when typed out looks like idiot)

  • -Military Pay Charts
  • -Pretty self-explanatory. Military Pay charts as of April 2007.

  • -Basic Allowance for Housing(BAH) Calculator
  • -A calculator that figures up how much you will be paid in Basic Allowance for Housing to live in a certain area.

  • -Overseas Housing Allowance(OHA) Calculator
  • - Like the BAH Calculator, but this one Calculates how much for places located overseas.


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