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Graduation Number 2!

03 May 2008
Well it has happened. 

Two rigorous months spent in boot camp and six months worth of photography, videography, journalism, graphic design and print production and I am finally ready to actually go out and do my job in the Navy. Most of my boot camp friends spent about 30 days in training and have been out in the fleet since December. The long training is completely worth it though, I cant imagine doing anything else now that I've made it through this. Plus the things I've learned and the people I've met are irreplaceable.

So here's to some of the friends I have made since I've been here

Green - Good Luck in Annapolis, I'm sure you'll do fine, especially if they're a fan of what if's... A School was a blast, and a lot of it was due to your craziness. So thanks for that. Keep in touch and I hope we run into each other again.

Midnight - Thanks for everything, you're a natural leader, and you know it, so use that to help others around you be leaders as well, like you did for me, I still have a lot to learn but you definitely put me on the right track.

Murphy - Together since boot camp, and now this. You are a good friend, a bit creepy at times but loyal and honest, and that's rare. I'm glad you got the orders you wanted. Although,I will miss hearing my voice come out of your mouth 24/7... "pt pt pt pt"

Sashegyi - I know we all gave you a lot of crap but class wouldn't have been the same without you, it probably would've been a lot quieter and made more sense. Seriously though, good luck in the rest of your Navy Career. Make sure to annoy the crap out of t-lake.

Thorpe - MC3... Congrats on that man I'm proud of you, you were a sleeper, I never saw you coming. You worked hard and you earned it so frock you.  I hope you enjoy Millington, I'm pretty sure you'll do well there.

Timberlake - Good Luck in Ca. with Gagooch! You will have fun and you're lucky enough to be going with someone you know, even if his life is one big action movie and we're all sucked in by association ;)

Lauryn -  You're so Ohio it makes me sick, really though these last few months were actually enjoyable, so thanks. I can't imagine the odds that you would get the same orders as me, just like I can't imagine going without you now. So I'm counting down the days until I pick you up from the airport.

Boyd - ... is... is... that Ashton over there? HA Anyway, good luck with whatever orders they give you, hopefully we'll see you in Sicily. Regardless you'll do fine, you're pretty good at making friends so I have no doubt you'll get by without me.

Stephanie - There's a lot to say to you and at the same time not much, as I've said most of it before. You've influenced me in ways you'll probably never understand. So thank you for that. Don't worry about me going to Sicily, I really don't think that will make a difference, and if it does I guess we will just have a lot to catch up on when we both get back.

Right now I am on leave in Ohio, spending some time with family and friends before I head out. In about 10 days I will be getting on a plane and flying to Sicily where I will live for two years. Living there will be an adventure no doubt, and luckily for me I will be taking a very close friend with me, who, amazingly enough, is also from Ohio. 

Just so you all know I am probably not going to post for a while.  I'm on leave, and will be working with my recruiter through the week, keeping busy with friends and family, and working on starting the new blog. I hope that once I get to Italy this will become more a photo blog which means I will have to buy a camera of my own I guess.

So goodbye for now, I hope to get things up and running again shortly!


  1. lauryn said...


    boydie bear and i just read the little paragraphs of love you sent us. we were laughing so hard about the whole "ashton" thing =) but hey, i can't imagine going over there without you, either...


    May 5, 2008 at 12:18 PM  

  2. pattypants said...

    good times, sometimes TOO good, y'know? well, next time i see you i'm gonna grab whatever you're holding and throw it away. then i'll say "check your shit and follow instructions"

    your friend,
    always and forever,
    occasionally and sometimes,
    mostly kind of thinking of you,
    patrick james arthur green esq., III JR inc. co. TM R the sequel

    May 6, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

  3. Lady Knife said...

    Hey Adam,

    Congrats golden boy! You made it and I'm proud of ya. Can't imagine we've known each other for 7yrs now and all via online. I can still remember all the stuff we talked about and what you've been through those 7 years. You were a brat and you still ARE! *haha!* But, *fwa* look at where you now. Glad to hear everything is spoostastic with ya and I hope to hearing more from you soon. Good luck and God bless.

    Your no.1 spooliscious fan,

    May 7, 2008 at 6:35 AM  

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