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2-5 Hold

26 September 2007
23 Sept 07

It's 2-5 Hold (week 2 Day 5, and we're on hold because it's the weekend). Things are really speeding up now. Monday starts week 3. We get our second haircuts this week, not that i need it or anything. We will also start learning line handling and how to tie up a ship. The week after we start weapons training I'm excited for that.

Let's recount the events of the past week...

Monday - Personnel inspection and dynamic material inspection (DMI), that's where we get dressed into our utilities and they inspect us. I got a 4.0 because there was too much excess material on my belt, and because my shave wasn't good enough. the DMI is where they check my bed making skills and grade my folding and stowing of all my gear. I got a 5.0 on my locker, who would have figured.

Wednesday - Zone inspections and academic test 1. Zone inspection is pretty much the same as the DMI but they inspect the whole compartment as well. 5.0 again, and I also passed my test.

Thursday - We did uniform 2ND issue, where we got measured and issued our dress uniforms. That was awesome. It actually reminded me why I'm here. I don't mean just for the cool uniform, but for the reward at the end of all this.

Well I need to get working on my submission for our division flag. I hope to hear from some people back home.

4 1/2 weeks to go. Graduation it Oct. 26Th

P.S. I passed my swim Qualifications.


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