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Sunday 09 Sep 07

17 September 2007
So far it has been the longest week and a half of my life. I've learned how to:
A. Fold utility trousers
B. Iron utility trousers
C. Fold T-shirts
D. Fold utility shirts
E. Iron utility shirts
F. Make my bunk
G. Shower with a bunch of dudes
H. Shower without ever looking down
I. Wake up fast
J. Do proper jumping jacks
K. Do 8-counts
and L. Keep my mouth shut and eyes straight ahead

I miss being at home, and normal life. But its only 8 more weeks, and things will be somewhat back to normal. Food is pretty good here, compared to how I normally eat, and I eat like a pig now too.

It's not really too bad here, as long as you pay attention and keep your head on straight and your mouth shut. I'm pretty home-sick. I have to go iron military creases into my utilities so we will be permitted to wear then to dinner tonight.

...8 weeks left, tomorrow starts 1-1 day, the first real training. Sorry not enough time to write a lot today.

My mailing address is:

SR Wolfe, Larry A
Division: 374 Ship: 05
Recruit Training Command
3301 Indiana Street
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3127


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