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4-5 Hold

19 October 2007
Well we’re almost there now. Tuesday starts week 5 and battle stations, “The Main Event”, is all at the end of week 6, after that it’s all down hill. Last week we had a line handling lab, where we tied a huge fake ship to a huge fake pier. We also had our weapons training and qualifications. I scored a 186, which isn’t that great. It’s enough to get a marksman ribbon, but I’m going to take it again once I get out to earn my expert ribbon.

Next week we start firefighting that will make the week go fast. Also the “Confidence Chamber” is coming up. That’s where you take off your gas mask in the room filled with some gas that is no fun to inhale. But what I am looking forward to most is haircut #3, because I really need it … Not.

Alight I hate to cut this short but I have stuff I have to do before my free time is up. P.S. I told some people my next phone call was on the 13th but I was wrong, it’s on the 23rd


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