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6-4 H (After Taps, when no one should be writing...)

25 October 2007
Hello all of Wolfe's friends. I am Seaman Recruit Brown (Wolfe's bunk mate). He asked me to do a "guest writer" entry in his blog and to try and go over anything that he may have missed.

I guess I'll go ahead and start off my talking about the flag that Wolfe effed up. I helped Wolfe work on the flag, which looked totally sweet on paper, but turned out looking like some medieval, Christmas obsessed, homosexuals painted it. So as you can imagine, the whole "Christmas obsessed, homosexual" type paintings aren't a real crowd pleaser here in Chicago. So our painting was placed on the back side of the flag. But, fortunately for me, I worked on both sides so my work will still be showing.

Also, because I'm stupid and nobody wants to write me letters, I found this to be a great opportunity to spam Wolfe's blog and say that my myspace is . There might not be an underscore in that. After two months of not being on, it's hard to remember that sort of thing.

My name is Charlie Brown. Just though I would clear that up so you don't accidentally find a different losers profile, and lastly, there is a bunch of stuff in there where I put down stupid answers to stuff. I guess I thought I was being funny or something, but I do not have the body of a body builder, I don't make freakin $300,000.00 Annually, I'm not freaking Bi.

And actually I lied the real last thing is that, those are about the only bull crap answers on there, the rest should be true. and I used some profanity in my profile (I think) so if that isn't you bag baby, don't look at it.

Oh, I'm dumb, I forgot to mention the entire point of this is to write me letters after learning a little bit about me. My mailing address is the same as Wolfe's except that instead of "SR. Wolfe, L.A." it's "SR. Brown, C.D"

The end


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