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6 Days left

23 August 2007
Time is going too fast now. 5 months ago today, I was at MEPS swearing in and signing my papers, thinking of how 5 months was such a long wait. Now I'm asking for just a few more days really. So many people I haven't visited enough who will be mad at me I'm sure. Things have been pretty hectic lately. And when I do get some free time I can't enjoy it because I feel like there are a million things I should be doing, other than relaxing. Just nerves I guess. Although the thought of Boot Camp doesn't bother me. I only get anxious when I think about leaving the night before to go stay in the hotel in Columbus. Which doesn't really make sense, I know. Perhaps it's just because it's the first step into my new Navy life, and my goodbye to Chillicothe, OH where I was raised and have lived all my life. Where my family and friends live, and will continue to live without me while I'm gone. But it's necessary to sacrifice a little to gain a little more, besides it wont be forever.

On another note Kevin, Marissa, and I went to a shooting range in Lancaster and got some target practice in. Which was nice, I wanted to get the feel for shooting a handgun before I left for boot camp. I have never fired a gun before and I didn't want to get there and look like a noob, well anymore than I already will that is. I did alright starting out, but the more we shot the worse I got. As we were wrapping up though, a guy a couple of lanes over gave us some pointers, so I hope to put those into practice tomorrow when we go again!

6 days left... that's no time at all.


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