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Family Reunion

26 August 2007
Yesterday was the day of our supposed family reunion. Although it didn't take me long to figure out that it wasn't a family reunion after all. It was a little too patriotic with the stars and stripes decorations, and Navy flag hanging on the wall. The big tipper was the poster on the wall that said "Good Luck Adam" next to a Carrier. It turned out pretty nice. Lots of family came, Parents and Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Cousins and Friends, and a few coworkers surprised me as well. I have to admit they got me. Apparently everyone thought I knew about the party, and normally I do know when something is up, but I was caught completely off guard, good thing it wasn't an ambush or anything, I would've been in some serious trouble.

I've got some packing to do, and I need to study for my E-2 exam, I was talking to people who recently graduated and they said make sure you study EVERYTHING in that PQS book, because the test covers it all. I kind of skimmed through the first aid section, so I'm going back through and freshening up on everything. Plus I bought this book called "Honor, Courage, Commitment: Navy Boot Camp". I highly suggest anyone going into boot camp read this book. It follows a division through the whole RTC process, from swearing in at MEPS to graduation. I feel it gives you an advantage because you know what to expect.

I'm going to leave my copy with my recruiters when I leave if anyone wants to read it. Even if you're done with bootcamp, or just interested in the Navy it's a good book. So check it out.

3 More Days.


  1. skippy "pumpkinbucket" mcfarland said...

    Hey Adam! I'm really bummed that we didn't get to hang out a little more before you leave. I know you'll have a bazillion people clambering for your attention when you get your first leave, but I hope maybe you, Kristin, and I will be able to spend some time together.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope you love the Navy. Most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THE HELL OUT OF CHILLICOTHE!!!!


    August 26, 2007 at 9:12 PM  

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