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29 August 2007
Well the countdown has come to an end. It's about 0200 right now and I'm doing some last minute cleaning and getting ready to take my desk apart, and pack my computer up. I thought I should make one last post before I tear her down. Tomorrow I will leave from the recruiting office here in Chillicothe at about 1330(1:30pm). I will take a shuttle up to Columbus and check into my hotel where I will sit(and study) until I go to bed that night. In the morning I will wake up around 0430 and get some breakfast before heading off to MEPS to do some paper work and such. After that I will swear in and head over to the airport and grab the next flight to Chicago. Where I begin my "P-Days"

P-Days are the days before the actual training begins. The days when you do the in-processing, such as getting your shots, haircuts, smurf-suit(lovely blue sweat suit), and other naval goodies. After the P-Days are done is when my training begins and my 8 weeks in boot camp start counting.

Before I go, I just want to say thanks to all of my friends and family for their support. As hard as it may be for you, it is just as hard for me to leave everything I know behind. To think of my brothers growing up without me being around to tease them about their attempts at facial hair or just to beat them up every once in a while. The thought of all the things in the lives of my friends that I wont be around to share. Or some of the people I may never get to see again. It's all hard for me to deal with, but I know that sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless(in the words of Maranda) So right now I'm being selfish so that if in the future I decide to have a family I will be able to provide for them.

To My family:

No matter where I go or what I do you're still my family, and I'll just be a phone call or email away. I credit my family for the person I am today, take that how you will =P

To My Friends:

I wont forget where I came from and who my friends are, because it is hard to forget the people who have been part of your life like you guys have for me. We will keep in touch, fo sho!

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To the Navy:
I'll see you Thursday.


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