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6 weeks to go! I think.

15 March 2008
It has been another week since my last post, and still no orders. We are off lock down at least.

Actually wednesday I had an interview for a writing job in Annapolis, for the Naval Academy. Where Officers are made. I didn't want the job, so when the Chief interviewing me asked me, I told her I'd rather do graphic design or take photos than write stories. I told her that I had confidence that I could do it, but writing was my least favorite of all the things we've learned so far. So, I didn't get those orders. Now, again, I am waiting to find out where I am going. I have my fingers crossed for this week, usually orders come mid-month.

In other news, I graduated from Basic Still Photography last week. Finished with an average over 93% that's all I know. On our final project I got a 98%, my instructors said it was the best grade they've ever given out. Kinda blew me away when the said that! Below is a smaller version of what I handed in.

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Now we have moved on to EJC, or broadcast journalism. It's supposed to be the hardest class we'll have, so I'm a little apprehensive. So far though it's a lot of fun, recording video, narrating news stories, doing interviews, and then editing it all together.

I will update this as soon as I get my orders... well after I call a bunch of people first.


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