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Hello Humility.

22 March 2008
After riding high for so long, I got a little taste of reality. I'm not as smart as I was letting myself believe. Or maybe if I am it's not my place to talk about it. I have always believed that it's ok to admit to yourself that you are good at something. It is when you start admitting to others that you are good at something, or you start gaining that arrogance that a lot of times comes with skill, that you will get put in your place. Well I found my place.

I know this is a bit of a different style post for this blog but it applies. I had gotten used to being "the smart one." People brag on me here, and I let it go to my head.  I began to hold myself to the standards everyone else has, and because of that I felt a lot of pressure to keep up the work.  Then I started the video broadcasting course. Ten days of 2 years worth of schooling. Not a lot of time to learn a lot of information.

By Wednesday of last week I was two hours from failing, Scoring a 38% on my second graded assignment. Me and about five others in my class of 12 were given two extra hours to fix the mistakes we had made and redeem ourselves and our grades. 

I made it up and passed the class Friday. The worst part, though, was all the comments like "Wolfe is failing!?" "I thought you were the Genius!" "bla bla bla" none of them meant to be insulting I don't think, but were none-the-less. All in all I think of it as a reminder that modesty is a valued trait in anyone worth admiring. Something that I had forgotten.

on another note... Orders are still not in for the 5 of us in our class who don't have them yet. Chief is going to a diving school on April 2nd and says we should have them before he leaves. Rumor is that there are no good sets of orders left, so I'm not even worried about it anymore.


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