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4 weeks till graduation!

02 April 2008
I have been in contact with my sponsor over the last few days. A sponsor is someone from my next duty station that will help me with things I may need, and let me know certain things. She let me know a little of what to expect once I start working in Sicily.

I will start out in the news department, which basically means I will be shooting stories and editing their nightly five minute newscast. A typical day consists of shooting video, editing and making sure any stories I have due are done by 2 p.m. and then preparing for the next day.  They also do radio shows Monday through Friday, but I guess I will not have to worry about that until I've been there for a while. Which is O.K. with me.

As for the living arrangements I will share a bathroom and a kitchen with one roommate and I will have my own room. I am extremely excited about this! Those are better living conditions that I have had in seven months. Add to that the fact that I am going to an actual NAVY base, rather than another cruddy Army base...(no offense Army, but come on, these roaches are bigger than any dog I have ever owned)

I've gotta run back to school now, but when I get back I will update with a post about my leave situation.


  1. Lauryn said...

    can we get an update wolfage?

    April 4, 2008 at 8:05 AM  

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