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Back in the swing of things!

08 January 2008
Well, I've been back for five days and we're right back into the swing of things, hitting the ground running, taking the bull by the horns and any other appropriate expression that I can't think of. I finished my first news feature story. These were fun to write, but also a little rougher. We had to pick the topic of the story, something considered news, then we had to find two sources to interview, people who are experts on the subject, and then we have to mix it all together and get a story.

I started it before Christmas break, so it was a little difficult to pick right back up where I left off, but I think it turned out ok. I'm going to ask tomorrow and see if I can get permission to post the story on here. It's not a real story anyway, it's just a graded assignment, but I thought I may as well show what it is I've been learning and doing.
Speaking of, we had another day of photojournalism. My friend Green and I took some good photos too...

photos property of the United States Navy


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