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09 January 2008
I asked and was told it's ok for me to post one of my news stories, so here...

Sailors get new uniforms, more money

 "    With all those Christmas bills to be paid off, sailors should resist the urge to spend the extra money that may be showing up in their bank account soon.
      The new Navy working and service uniforms, in development since early 2004 by Task Force Uniform, are scheduled to hit the fleet summer 2008, according to Navy Administrative Message 351/06.
     With a major change in the contents of a sailors’ sea bag coming fast, sailors here, and nationwide, will be curious about the changes to come to the familiar Navy uniforms.
     All pay grades, E-1 to 0-10, will be affected by the proposed alterations to the uniform sets, with the new battle dress uniform replacing dungarees and utilities, alterations to the dress whites, one year-round service uniform and changes to the officer dress uniforms, said Senior Chief Petty Officer Rhonda Moore, chief of military personnel at the Defense Information School here.
     According to a release by the Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs, the all ranks uniform is a BDU-style working uniform made of near maintenance-free permanent press 50/50 nylon and cotton blend with an eight-point cover. The new service uniform for E-6 and below consists of a short-sleeve khaki shirt for males, and an over-blouse for females, both with permanent military creases. Black trousers will be worn my males, and beltless black slacks or optional skirts for females, and a black garrison cap for both male and female.
     “We’re rich in tradition and heritage, and I think bringing those uniforms back will display that,” said Moore of the alterations to the uniforms. The changes give them a World War II era feel, she said.
     Moore said she was especially excited about the new physical training gear that would give the Navy a uniform appearance, which is important when stationed on an Army base.
     The new PT uniform is slated to be available spring 2008, said Moore.
     Sailors here can expect to see the uniforms in places like Annapolis, but not likely at the clothing store on post right away, explained Moore.
     The new clothing items will also be available online at the Navy Exchange website, said Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Gilligan, a photojournalism instructor at DINFOS.
     The Navy has already begun distributing money for the new uniforms, and sailors who haven’t received theirs yet will be seeing the increase when their next clothing allowance is due, said Gilligan.
     The new uniforms will probably hit major bases and the NEX website first, beginning in June 2008, added Gilligan.
     The change is a necessary one, Gilligan explained. “I think that we have too many things in our sea bags right now,” he said.
     The BDU’s can also be worn off base for everyday tasks like stopping at the grocery store on the way home, making them a change for the better, said Gilligan.
     While it is definitely a change, the new uniforms hitting the fleet soon keep Navy tradition alive, while providing a fresh look for sailors around the world.   "

Also, here are some of the pictures that I have taken, rather than just pictures of me:
(Photos property of the United States Navy.)


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