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He said, She said...

13 January 2008
     For those of you who read my story, thanks.  I'm sure you noticed, as a few of my friends have pointed out to me, that I use phrases like "said so-and-so" or "so-and-so said" quite a bit.

My friend Felicity asked me, "Do you guys really have to state THAT clearly who said what?" 

     Yes. We're given a little room for creativity in that aspect, but we are not allowed to put ourselves into the story. If we write something and then don't give credit to who said it, it looks like we said it ourselves. Also, as for using the word "said" so many times, we are given some freedom to be creative, but not too much. We are not supposed to guess or assume what someone is feeling or thinking. So something like "...recalled Frank with remorse" would be a no go.

     In other news, as of Friday I was appointed to be assistant section leader of section 3. Basically, there are 3 duty sections in our detachment(the building all of the A School Sailors stay in). Each day a different duty section is on duty. The section on duty is in charge of cleaning the building for that day, making sure there is someone standing watch* at the front door and driving people places if needed. Also each weekend a different duty section is on duty.  

     As assistant section leader I will help make the watchbill(the paper that shows who has to stand watch), take roll call at the musters(meetings) and assign cleaning duties to the people in our section. When the section leader graduates, I will take his place, and someone else will be appointed to assistant section leader.

*Watch - Basically standing guard duty at the entrance to our building, and making sure no one gets in or out who isn't supposed to be, answering the phone and taking messages, and sometimes making tours of the building or around the outside to make sure everything is in order.*


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