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Been a busy week.

27 January 2008
     Since becoming section leader things have gotten a little more hectic around here. Being a section leader isn't the reason it's been so hectic, well not the only reason anyway.

     Update on school: Things are going well, we finished up all the photojournalism assignments, I will try to post some more of my pictures up very soon(Took some wicked awesome photos). We've finished up all of our feature story writing as well. All four features were above 90% so I'm very happy about that, since I wasn't sure how well it would go. Now we have started layout and design. Word of the day: Pagination. The act of actually placing all the items on the page of the newspaper. It's a lot more technical that I would have hoped for, but I still love it. I will keep you updated on that. Caught report of my overall average for every assignment we've done: 96.04% last I heard. Depends on how I did on some of the assignments we turned in recently.

     Talk of me getting Petty Officer 3rd class is going around, but I don't want to get my hopes up. So until I graduate I will just keep trying to keep my grades up and enjoy myself at the same time.

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